It has been my fate 'to disturb the peace of the world.'” - Sigmund Freud

A good relation to ourselves is a condition for love, tolerance and wisdom towards others... if we have become able, deep in our unconscious minds, to clear our feelings to some extent towards our parents of grievances, and have forgiven them for the frustrations we had to bear, the we can be a peace with ourselves and are able to love others in the true sense of the word.” - Melanie Klein

The first thing to say about the unconscious... is what Freud says about it: It consists of thoughts... what is essential in repression... is not that affect is suppressed, but that it is displaced and misrecognizable.” - Jacques Lacan

The particular activity of psychoanalysis is 'the scientific pursuit of the psychic unconscious'... Psychoanalysis is 'a psychology of repression.'” - Sigmund Freud

Although love-relationships in adult live are founded upon early emotional situations in connection with parents, brothers and sisters, the new relationships are not necessarily mere repetitions of early family situations. Unconscious memories, feelings and phantasies enter into the new love-relationship or friendship in quite disguised ways.” - Melanie Klein

Just because people ask you for something doesn't mean that's what they really want you to give them... Desire is the crux of the entire economy we deal with in psychoanalysis. If we fail to take it into account, we are necessarily led to adopt as our only guide what is symbolized by the term 'reality,' a reality existing in a social contract... the very foundation of interhuman discourse is misunderstanding.” - Jacques Lacan

Feelings of guilt and the drive to make reparation are intimately bound up with the emotion of love. If, however, the early conflict between love and hate has not been satisfactorily dealt with, of if guilt is too strong, this may lead to a turning away from loved people or even to a rejection of them.” - Melanie Klein

The Oedipus Complex is justifiably regarded as the kernel of neuroses.” - Sigmund Freud

In the development of mankind as a whole, just as in individuals, love alone acts as the civilizing factor in the sense that it brings a change from egoism to altruism.” - Sigmund Freud

What the subject finds is not what motivated his attempt at refinding... the crux of desire is essentially found in impossibilities.” - Jacques Lacan

It is clear that emotions first appear in the early relation of the child to his mother's breasts, and that they are experienced fundamentally in connection with the desired person. It is necessary to go back to the mental life of the baby in order to study the interaction of all the various forces which go to build up this most complex of all human emotions which we call love.” - Melanie Klein

I can assure you that, through the supposition of unconscious mental processes, a critical new direction in the world and in science is open to us.” - Sigmund Freud

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is underpinned by the same theoretical concepts as psychoanalysis, the actual treatment process is different. In short, it is the interest in the unconscious and internal world. 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an insight orientated treatment modality. People often enter therapy for alleviation from symptoms and this method of treatment is interested in the meaning of the presenting symptom. Psychoanalytic thinking provides a rich theoretical framework to assist in understanding of the complexities of human nature. The patient and therapist together explore the associations to their experiences and the insight gleaned usually frees the patient from patterns of behaviour and symptoms that are counter productive in their lives.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is usually lower frequency and as such more affordable. Lower frequency to classical analysis develops a different relationship between the patient and therapist and at times requires more holding of external reality and problem solving in that domain. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is conducted face to face and provides an experience where a patient’s ego strengths are developed and this assist in patients feeling more grounded and contained in their lives.  Sometimes one or more courses of psychodynamic therapy are useful prior to a full psychoanalysis. 


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is offered by psychotherapists who are members of the South African Psychoanalytic Initiative SAPI. A link to a list of SAPI practitioners is available under the above contact menu.

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